Arcadia Quest: Pets

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Arcadia Quest: Pets is not only a campaign expansion, bringing a whole new campaign, with new scenarios, monsters, heroes, rewards, and titles, for use with either the original Arcadia Quest or the Arcadia Quest: Inferno core boxes, but it’s also a modular expansion that introduces Pets, a brand new system that can be added to ANY Arcadia Quest experience. This includes classic Arcadia Quest, Arcadia Quest: Inferno, Beyond the Grave and even Frost Dragon, The Fall of Arcadia and anything else Cool Mini or Not come up with.

Meer informatie
Leeftijd 8+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Spelregels n.v.t.
Speelduur 45-60 minuten
Spel jaar n.v.t.
Spelsoort Bordspel
Taal Engels
Spelgenre Avontuur, Dobbelstenen, Fantasy, Miniaturen, Modulair Speelbord
Spelers n.v.t.
Uitgiftejaar 2017
Spelduur n.v.t.
EAN-code 0889696003102
Game Type n.v.t.
EAN code n.v.t.
Manufacturer Cool Mini or Not
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